Wine Estate Kruger-Rumpf, Nahe

Kruger-Rumpf-family’s undertaking in viniculture can be traced back as far as to the year 1708. Today the family is more than ever in the wine production. Conducted by Stefan and his son Georg Rumpf the estate is residing in a manor house from 1830 which is surrounded by vineyards. It is due to Stefan Rumpf that the estate developed from a mainly bulk-wine producer to a recognized winemaker of high quality wines. Taking over from his parents in 1984 Stefan Rumpf the estate became member of VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter = Association of German Quality and Prädikat Wine Estates) in 1992.

The vineyard area totals 22 hectares. Focused on white wines seventy percent of the estates vineyards are covered with Riesling and ten percent each of Silvaner and Pinot Blanc. Located in a narrow side valley of the Nahe, protected from wind and rain the steep slopes offer a wide range of different soil types on a small space. Deeply rooting vines get their minerals from the lower soil layers and bin them within the grapes and hereby provide the basis for the making of Kruger-Rumpf’s distinctive, classic, well-balanced wines.