Wine Estate Korrell, Nahe

The estate’s name „Korrell Johanneshof” is a reminiscence of Johannes Korrell who in 1832 was the first of the Korrell family to make wine. Managed by Martin and Britta Korrell the family business is today in its 6th generation. Intense care of the vineyard, sense for innovation and passion for wine are the ingredients of their success. The well-established vine guides recognize the estate as “excellent producer” and its name shows regularly up on the “List of the 100 best vine estates” in Germany, a list published since more than 25 years by the vine journal “Vinum” and “Handelsblatt”.

An outstanding wine requires a faultless grape. During the growing season the work in the vineyard, such as trimming the foliage and reducing the crop by cutting out half of the grapes has absolute priority. The vintage is done manually. Martin Korrell keeps the accuracy and cautiousness he shows in the vineyard while working in the cellar. Thus the results are vines of a distinct, individual character, favored by the climate and the soils of shell limestone, red sandstone or porphyry.