Wie Estate Joachim Flick, Rheingau

In 1997 the vineyard moved into its new habitat the “Strassenmühle” in Flörsheim-Wicker, a village at the southern edge of Rheingau.  The vine estates origin can be traced back as far as to the year 1775.  It seems that the winemaker-couple Reiner Flick and his wife Kirsten Ewald-Flick has found the right place to combine tradition and innovation for the making of excellent wines.

“The site, the soil’s consistence and the microclimate have a significant impact on the vine’s characteristics. The vineyard can therefore be called the wine’s nursery!” says Reiner Flick.  The estates’ nursery is located in the surf zone of a primeval fresh water sea. Sediments of shell and crustacean are parent to the limy soil which is the basis for the vine’s mineral characteristics.

Reiner Flick masters the art to focus on the essential in the vineyard as well as in the cellar and thus he manages to create wines which reflect the characteristics of the grape and of the site where they grow. The estate is member of the VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter = Association of German Quality and Prädikat Wine Estates) since 1999.