Wine Estate Dr. Heinz Wagner, Saar

It was in the year 1880 that Joseph Heinrich Wagner founded a wine- and sparkling-wine-house in Saarburg, Saar. He constructed the operational building which is still in use and houses the biggest arch roof cellar of the Saar area. Succeeding her father Heinz Christiane Wagner is the fifth generation being in charge of running the estate.

The estate’s vineyards are situated in preeminent locations at the Saar. The vintage is done by hand. The wines are fermented and kept in “Fuder”, oak barrels of 1000 l capacity. This is part of the treatment to develop a typical Saar Riesling a wine of playful character provided with a subtle aroma profile. Christiane Wagner got the „Wine Award 2013“, a prize given by the international gourmet journal “Feinschmecker”. The prize awarded for the best wine assortment of the year 2011 in Germany.

The tradition producing sparkling wine is comparably long as is the family’s tradition of viniculture. After intense inquiries in the Champagne and in Italy Joseph Heinrich Wagner in 1880 was the first in the Saar region applying the “méthode champenoise” to produce sparkling wines from high quality Riesling wines.