Sekt-Manufaktur Schloss Vaux, Rheingau

The history of “Schloss Vaux” started in 1868 by the foundation of the Schloss-Vaux-company in Berlin.  In the 1880’s the company purchased Chateau de Vaux and its surrounding vineyards, situated at the shore of the Mosel close to the city of Metz. After World War I – Metz had become French again – the sparkling-wine- producing-house moved his domicile to Eltville, Rheingau, where it resides until today.

“Schloss Vaux” focuses on the production of high class sparkling wines. Using only wine from well-respected vineyards of the Rheingau. A close relationship to the vine estates is part of the philosophy.

All their sparkling wines are traditionally fermented in the bottle observing the strict the regulations of the “Methode Champenoise”. The product line encompasses sparkling vines of genuine grapes like “Riesling” and the various “Burgundy grapes” as well as a “Cuvée”, a sparkling wine manufactured from wines of different grapes.

Sekt Manufaktur Schloss Vaux