Wine Estate Becker-Landgraf, Rheinhessen

The wine estate of the ambitious winemaker-couple Johannes and Julia Landgraf is situated in Gau-Odernheim a charming village in the center of hilly Rheinhessen. “J2” the vineyards signet stands for the power, mutual inspiration and happy alliance of the couple who runs the family business in its 4th generation. Managing the vineyard since 2006 they are committed to quality! The work in the cellar is important, but the wines get their characteristic imprint in the vineyard.

The Petersberg hosting ninety eight percent of the estate’s vineyards is a 246-meter high rise with large alluvial deposits of various types of clay, lime marl and large intermediate layers of shell limestone. No irrigation, no artificial mineral fertilizers, only natural humus nourishes the soil. Thus the roots of the grape-vines find their way down to the deeper layers. As a consequence of reducing grapes and foliage yield per hectare is no more than thirty five hectoliter.

The vintage is done manually and in several stages. Without use of any fining agents the wines ferment with wild yeast in wooden barrels. The final products are multi-layered and authentic wines, wines reflecting their “terroir” in their mineral taste, freshness and delicate finesse.